Pat Kogutkiewicz: Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week

Meet Pat Kogutkiewicz of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He is this week’s Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week.

Mr. Kogutkiewicz attended the annual budget meeting of the Oskkosh school district on August 13.

Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week

The August 13 meetings included three separate occasions for commentary from members of the public. Mr. Kogutkiewicz availed himself of the opportunity to ask questions of the school administration and school board on each of the three occasions.

However, school board member Karen Bowen was disenchanted and even aggrieved by Mr. Kugutkiewicz and his questions. She wrote, “He should not be allowed back in the board room.”

Michelle Monte, a candidate for the OASD school board, chronicled this on her blog. Monte, appropriately, also deplores the very concept of a school board member presuming to banish an uppity taxpayer.

One thing I learned reading Monte’s blog (Here’s another example.) is that school board members are routinely asked on surveys how they responded to various meetings.

Perhaps they should also, if they don’t already, survey the members of the public about how they react to these meetings.

Returning to our STOTW, here are OASD board minutes from May 15, 2007 in which we learn that Mr. Kogutkiewicz attended the school board meeting to ask, in person, for documents he had requested from the district but not received or, as the person writing the minutes writes, “felt” he did not receive.

To our newest STOTW: Keep fighting the good fight, and welcome.


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