Gasp: Politicians using public records requests

Christine Jennings, the Democratic candidate for U.S. House in Florida’s 13th congressional district, recently filed what has been described as “a large public information request” with the county election supervisors in Manatee County and Sarasota County.

The request, made by Miami attorney Kendall Coffey on Sept. 3, asked for lists of voters purged from the roles of eligible voters in 2008, monthly reports on new voters since 2006, and all documents regarding the design of the November 2008 ballot.

Subsequently, Dems, Reps traded barbs.

Look, almost by definition, it is people running for office, admittedly with all their partisan motivations and agendas, who are most likely to care about and find problems with voter rolls, ballot designs and so forth.

The attitude should be, “Bring it on. If there’s a problem you can find, we all want to know about it and fix it.”


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