Deleting e-mail: Please stop

Chris Joyner of the Mississippi Clarion Ledger writes an article today about how some public information is routinely destroyed through e-mail deletion.

Mississippi has a Local Government Records Committee, a hitherto obscure committee of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, that is working to develop e-mail retention standards.

As our own Sara Key/Maverick says in the article, setting appropriate standards is one thing–making sure employees are trained to follow them is another, and oversight on compliance yet another.

One response to “Deleting e-mail: Please stop

  1. I am having the same problem with the City of Milwaukee, Dept. of Neighborhood Services better known as Building Inspection or DNS.

    DNS through their former Commissioner set-up their own e-mail system which is separate from the rest of City government, so in other words, DNS has their own e-mail system while the rest of the City of Milwaukee has another system.

    When I ask for even the simplest request for e-mail records in which I have the date, subject line and who sent and received the e-mail, they want un-godly amounts of money to produce the records because of the way that they have archived the records.

    Does anyone think that this system was set-up by accident or are they trying to hide something?

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