Another FOIA blog, this one in Maryland

FOIA Tales, in Annapolis, Maryland, where FOIAMAN says, “Have a question about Freedom of Information Act requests? Want to get your own superpowers, or become a citizen of FOIALAND? Don’t fret. FOIAMAN is here to help.”

The site’s proprietor is Ryan Bagwell, a hedge fund manager and former newspaper reporter who “became FOIAMAN to show the public how bureaucracy almost always stands in the way of the little guys getting the information they’re entitled to.”

2 responses to “Another FOIA blog, this one in Maryland

  1. Howard County has a new fleet of unmarked SUV’s (an expensive budge item) that are used in traffic control. Is one inviting a reprisal on the road by requesting the model, make and color of unmarked SUV’s used by the Howard County Police Deparment within the last 4 years?

  2. The people in Maryland need to stay on top of their government using FOIA’s or as they are called here Maryland Public Information Act requests.

    The City Manager of Pocomoke City actuall destroyed a public document that was under an active FOIA request because it was incriminating.

    Does anyone know the proper authorities top bring in on this?

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