Oh, Joe

Here at SSOR, we work hard not to be topical. Still, we did hear the tale some weeks ago of how Joe the Plumber was subject to database searches by Ohio government employees that might have been illegal.

Both presidential campaigns called for an investigation and alongside the ongoing government investigation, several Ohio newspapers are using their friend the Ohio Open Records Law to assess the character of some assertions made when the story broke.

What the Columbus Dispatch says as a result of filing an Ohio FOIA is:

“The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has no records to support the assertion of its now-suspended director that computer checks often are run on people ‘thrust quickly into the public spotlight.'”


One response to “Oh, Joe

  1. The case where the mother of the girl who did not like the girl next door, and used her mothers internet to look up and talk to the girl, by impersonating some boy. The courts gave her mother jail time. I think the same should happen for those who cause trouble for employees they just dont like. I had a manager assinnate my character, get into my health records, and credit file. He swayed others to back him in company, I lost my job after 10 years and almost died with a disease due to losing health insurance.

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