STOTW Chandler continues to make headlines in Florida

Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week Joel Chandler is the subject of another newspaper profile, this one published earlier today in an Ocala, Florida newspaper:

Records request raises questions.

The article notes that Chandler’s crusade has drawn intense opposition from school district employees including some who believe his request will “enable stalkers or murderers”.

Chandler’s perspective is:

“What it comes down to is you have public officials who are knowingly breaking the law and they don’t care because most people, when you tell them they can’t have a record, they just go away.”

The article notes that Chandler is an STOTWer.


2 responses to “STOTW Chandler continues to make headlines in Florida

  1. Mary Cassaday Jones

    Education employees of Florida, say goodbye to your money. With the coverage this story is getting, identity thieves are probably already watching his movements so they steal 67 school districts worth of names, birth dates and addresses to link by a few keystrokes with social security numbers. He has no requirement to protect the information from theft once he or his legal representatives have it.

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