Public records: Link round-up

It’s been a long time since our last links round-up of excellent public records blogging. This post won’t catch everything that should be mentioned but here are a few highlights:

Warren County salaries released.

Caligula on the Connecticut. (Who can resist, “In her own way, [name of politician] is as fascinatingly pathological as her predecessor.”?)

Serial Meetings Are Illegal.

Open Records Are Not Optional.

The Question of Privilege: Public Disclosure.

Lifting Up the Legislative Council Bureau’s Budget Rock.

My, my…look who won the ‘2008 Brick Wall Award’.

Idaho Near Top In Lack Of Gov’t Integrity.

Why hide Anything?

The Meyer Lawsuit: Pending Questions.

There’s much more here.

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for everyone out there who is plugging away at state and local transparency, each of us in our own way.

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