Creative use of FOIA #239

I love this one…

A blogger at West Virginia Blue:

As some of you might recall, I submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the City of Wheeling to determine how much of the taxpayers dollars are being used to purchase subscriptions with Ogden Newspapers (the Wheeling News-Register and Wheeling Intelligencer).

The motivation:

I have done my research. Have you done yours? If you would like to know how much of your tax dollars are being spent to support an obviously slanted newspaper company like Ogden Newspapers, Inc., all you have to do is ask.

Bravo! Any blogger can do this, red or blue. What a great idea.


One response to “Creative use of FOIA #239

  1. Good idea. Also, why not ask how much money the local governments and agencies spend each year advertising, or noticing, legal requirements (foreclosures, hearings on zoning, council meetings, etc.). It will be thousands of dollars and it’s a subsidy for the old media that is unnecessary because more people use the web now than the print media. The argument that the notices are required by state law to be in the local daily newspaper is bogus because those laws were written before television and radio and internet.
    Dwight Hines

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