Why I don’t read newspapers

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel asked me to write an op-ed last week, which, like, totally panicked me because it involved not just going on and on endlessly and rambling in sort of a free form way and not necessarily ever getting to the point.

They were doing an edit on the importance of real journalism, and my op-ed was my confession about why I don’t support with my dollars the news that I’m addicted to:

She prefers news as shared experience in the online world.

I mentioned two cheddarsphere bloggers I read:

James Wigderson and Jay Bullock. (I read and love dozens of others here, too.)

So now I know what rickrolling means, but I had to look it up.


2 responses to “Why I don’t read newspapers

  1. Good opinion piece you wrote!

    A lot of bloggers I read actually seem to rejoice at the troubles the media is having — because of their perceived bias. That’s a shame, because without the media most of us would be totally uninformed. The Internet has hurt a lot of the media while at the same time allowing us to remain informed. I fear that won’t last unless the media companies find a way to profit from the Internet.

  2. I’m all about the teaching. 🙂

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