Fees requested for public records

What’s the most money any state or local government asked for in 2008 to fulfill a records request? I don’t know, because I haven’t been keeping track in one place.

But enquiring minds want to know, so I’ve started a list on Sunshine Review called fees requested for public records to keep track.

The instigation for finally starting this list was the news that the Beaufort County School District in South Carolina wanted $55,300 to produce records about how much it spent in 2006 on employee travel, catered meals and training services.

The district said it would take an employee six months to compile this information, which leads me to conclude that the training they received in 2006 did not include a module on how to store public records for ease of retrieval.

We hope they’re not sitting on the records in order to avoid stories like Boozin’ at the school board conference.


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