Just put it on the website

According to the Livingston Daily:

“Hamburg Township Clerk Matt Skiba last week informed local media that he will require that state Freedom of Information Act requests be filed and fees be paid before reporters can have board meeting informational packets.”

Skiba’s rationale for this policy is that he charges members of the public for copies of the packet, so he can’t in all fairness let members of the media have it for free.

Can’t this all go on the township’s website?

One response to “Just put it on the website

  1. In the interests of sunshine and the RFP Database at http://www.rfpdb.com I commend you!

    Our site is geared towards getting competitive bids for those projects that hide in the dark corners of municipal agency websites and end up with a single bidder since nobody even knew there was a project up for bidding. Anyone can announce projects on our site so it doesn’t cost municipal agencies a dime to publicize their project in a place that will garner them competitive bids.

    I’ve written more about this here: http://blog.confluentforms.com/2008/10/you-need-to-publicize-your-requests-for.html

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