How are those Connecticut town websites doing?

Back in October, we wrote about how some Connecticut towns were pulling down their websites when faced with complying with a new law that mandates that board minutes be posted within a certain amount of time after a meeting.

Wallingford Wired has an interesting story on that front:

Wallingford Resident Creates New Town Web Site.

Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. Wallingford resident Jason Zandri did exactly that.

Zandri spent over 100 hours of his own time to develop a new web site, Wallingford, to pick up where the official town website leaves off. While his site should not be confused with the official town site, he has loaded it with a lot of information not found on the town site, including the minutes of the town meetings, budget info and a list of state lawmakers’ postal and e-mail addresses.



Wallingford, Connecticut.

4 responses to “How are those Connecticut town websites doing?

  1. Thank you for the blog spot and the kind words.

    I am glad that I have the support of many of the people in Wallingford.

    Since my website has been published in the Record Journal newspaper the expected measure of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) has appeared as well. Allow me to reiterate some facts.

    There’s a state law requiring posting of minutes, agendas and other public documents as part of House Bill No. 6502 which can be viewed online at

    We are presently not in compliance with that law. It’s a shame a law is needed for something that we should be doing anyway.

    Wallingford has had plenty of time to comply. In two months I stood up an entirely new website where none existed before. The town has a website – complying with the law would be a simple thing by uploading documents that are already created in some form or measure with word processing programs on computers. Is someone going to argue that we’re still using typewriters? If so there are scanners to port those documents to digital format and this was done for the most recent Planning and Zoning Agenda I received.

    Comments were made that “Official governmental websites are subject to security, legal and document retention requirements” that do not apply to my website. While this is true I’ll bet you my site is more secured than most. Regardless of that, what are we talking about here? We are not talking about “those” type of documents that need securing but rather public ones that could be hung from every telephone pole downtown if they were printed out.

    My cost was $30.00 to register Other than that is my time and existing space on my web host that I already pay for.

    Wallingford – there is no additional cost. is already registered so there is no new cost there. The current website already exists. Don Roe already manages the site as part of his regular duties. No new costs there.

    If anything there is money to be saved leveraging the technology and we should simply abide by the law.

    Of course this is Wallingford and if you’ve been paying attention you’d know that sometimes we do neither.

    Thanks again for the support.

  2. Just an FYI to whomever, Stafford does not post any minutes. I haven’t been able to leave a message for the Attorney General or anyone else about this. Seems as though they are just flaunting the ruling as “thumbing their nose at it”.

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