Best o’ state FOIA blogging


Free and fair elections? In Orange County, not so much.


Salaries of public employees should be kept secret because…um, because…


The downside of putting government spending online? People look at it.


DuPage County auditor puts spending online.


The Michigan Education Association appears to be competing for the Fact Blocker of the Year Award.


Sometimes all you can say is “Good luck with that”.

County commish can’t find anti-Michelle e-mails; records request declined.


And if that doesn’t work, sue them. With a bunch of your friends.

New Jersey:

Jon Corzine, NJ gov, doesn’t have to give the public his e-mails with former girlfriend and labor leader Carla Katz and not everyone is happy about that.


Bucks County is advised to put the checkbook register online. It saves scarce money in the long run. And less whining?

South Carolina:

South Carolina public schools rank in the bottom five compared to other states in terms of educational achievement. So people would like to know how they spend their money. Good luck with that.

North Carolina:

Mike Easley got some of that ol’ time FOIA religion. As he left office.


What a rip. Apparently in Texas, state senators can do “outside work” like charging a school district $3.8 million for “legal fees”. I’m sure it’s all for the kids.

Washington, DC.

“The websites do not serve to provide information to the general public, therefore we find that you are not a representative of the news media.” So you can’t have reduced FOIA fees.

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