Want to know about state-owned airplanes in South Dakota?

Good luck.

State senator Gene Abdalah requested information about the planes under the South Dakota Sunshine Law. The agency he asked was the state’s Legislative Research Council (LCR). The LCR then asked the Bureau of Finance and Management.

The Bureau of Finance and Management told the Legislative Research Council that the wouldn’t give the LRC the records until the LRC told them who wanted the records.

On December 17, the commissioner of the state’s Bureau of Finance and Management, described his office’s policy:

As it relates to budget related information, it will now be the executive branch policy to have LRC notify the agency of the name of the legislator making the request for information before answering the request.

The executive branch “wants the identities of lawmakers so it can ‘better taylor (sic) the information towards the legislator’s knowledge and understanding of the issue.'”

State plane info sparks clash, reports the Argus Leader.

Just to be clear, the info didn’t spark the clash. Someone asking for the information–a state senator–caused this great emergency in the State of South Dakota.

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