Best of the FOIAsphere links round-up


Here’s a great entry from my home state: The million dollar website. Wait…was it $1 million? Good thing we don’t have a budget deficit.


“Fun-loving” staff mocks county supervisor.


Here’s a good trick! Make transparency disappear.

But all is not lost: Another landmark day.


The ambitious new Sunshine Chronicles!


Schaumburg’s Village Officials Can’t Explain Rapid Growth in $100K+ Salaries.


Everyone needs a little reminder every so often.


I am really tired of having persons in those offices whose legal shenanigans embarrass me. I am sorry that there is no one in the county counselor’s office who understands the Sunshine law or attempts to guide the legislature and the other county entities to follow the law. I am aghast that our elected County Executive, himself a lawyer, is offering this kind of leadership to those under him.

Me too.


Reporter Matt Davis totally gets why Bill Harbaugh wants to reform the Oregon Public Records Law.


Sunshine: Use it or lose it.

South Carolina:

Transparency report released.


It’s still a public records merry-go-round as the Evergereen Freedom Foundation waits for Gov. Gregoire’s ideas for reforming the state’s budget. Tick tock.

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