More Connecticut website news and the $20 million offer

We’ve been following the story of the Connecticut municipalities that pulled down their websites rather than comply with a June 2008 law passed by the Connecticut legislature requiring them to post minutes within seven days of a meeting.

This article reports that a dozen bills have been proposed in the new session of the legislature to slow down or stop mandatory online posting of meeting times, places or minutes.

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities is a leading advocate of softening the affirmative disclosure rules that passed in 2008.

Something great happened at a legislative hearing over one of the bills when Scott Coleman, a computer expert, made the rather electrifying claim, “My company can offer a solution that can benefit the state to the tune to $20 to $30 million. To facilitate a system of document posting and retrieval, we will donate standardized web 2.0 web sites to any town, commission or board, agency, institution or school at no cost.”

Coleman runs an “alternative website” (I haven’t found it yet) that covers Rocky Hill, Connecticut. He says he has posted 2,400 sets of minutes on his website in the past eight years.

Coleman said that the sites he would offer “can be installed in a matter of hours and a novice can begin uploading in a matter of minutes. We will train, install and service this at no cost.”

Scott Coleman…where are you? Shoot us an email.


3 responses to “More Connecticut website news and the $20 million offer

  1. I think this may be the site you are looking for

  2. How does one contact the posters of the comments above???
    Scott Coleman

  3. Sorry, Scott….my email address is LBGraves (at) gmail (dot) com

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