Best of the FOIAsphere: Weekly round-up

For our new readers, when I say “weekly”, it means “weekly or less-than-weekly, depending”.

Much has been happening in the world of open records blogging. Here are some of the posts we most enjoyed or learned from.


Save us from this horrible mandate of disclosure.


Isn’t it good to know there is a watchdog blog for Evanston, Illinois? They know about FOIA, which always stands a watchdogger in good stead.


File an open records request, get fired.


How can you tell if a public utility failed to seek competitive bids on 21 out of 25 contracts of over $50,000? You know, it’s a good thing the economy is roaring and we don’t have to watch every penny.


Moldy City has thoughts about Mayor Ray Nagin’s administration.


Wouldn’t you like to have a blog called the Pocomoke Tattler? Wouldn’t it be fun to just write all day long about Pocomoke, Maryland?

In this case, the Tattler is keeping a watchful eye on the city manager.

New Hampshire:

Another website to cheer you up.

New Jersey:

What do I know, but I would imagine that New Jersey Senate Republicans are an endangered species. Not so endangered, though, that they can’t put together a feisty blog series called Your Tax Dollars at Work. They’re doing this to spotlight the need for a searchable online database of government spending or, as we like to say, If you can’t defend it, don’t spend it.


The dog ate my homework.


Light comes to Lehigh. (Because a citizen went to meetings, recorded them, and posted them on his website.)


Why can’t government make its spending available? Anyone? Anyone?

A great new website: George Scott Reports.


Blogs (sort of) disagreeing! The legislature shouldn’t make it harder and the laws can be a burden.

More here and thanks to Maverick for collecting these links even while having other things on her mind.


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