That day when you realize you can’t read everything

Do you remember that sad feeling you get when you realize that you can’t read all the best things ever written and you can’t, in fact, even stay current with a narrowly defined area of knowledge should you wish to also read a good novel every now and then.

It was that sad feeling I got just now when I stumbled upon Page One Kentucky.

I only run across websites like this when they publish a phrase I pay attention to like “open records” or “public records” and my RSS feed announces their existence.

There didn’t used to be this many of them, each with its own backstory, rich detail and local scandals to share. And we wouldn’t have all these stories if it weren’t for people like these who decide to get the story and write the story and laws like the Kentucky Open Records Act to give them a way to investigate.


One response to “That day when you realize you can’t read everything

  1. I appreciate the kind words.

    I’ve used public records a lot over the past couple years to break major stories. One, involving now-indicted and former Dean at the University of Louisville Robert Felner, was a story I broke after thousands of records requests. Led to extreme research on law enforcement’s part and turned into a national scandal. Have written over 200 Felner-related stories since the first.

    Just strive to shine light where it needs to be shone.

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