The Salisbury News and the ongoing old media/new media story

The Salisbury News attracted a fair amount of attention today when this article in the Maryland Daily Record was featured on the Drudge Report.

The Maryland Daily Record represents the beliefs of Salisbury, Maryland Mayor Barrie Parsons Tilghman as:

The presence of a small group of suspicious, mean-spirited people focused on the negative has grown, endangering the city’s vitality. Tilghman says some people are avoiding serving their city because it’s not worth chancing the scorn of bloggers.

A number of local bloggers then proceeded to get in touch with the offending blog offering links to their own local blogs.

Coincidentally, today is the day that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ceased publication of a print edition.

Whether we love it or hate, change is in the air.

The Tulsa World laid off 26 members of its newsroom staff earlier this year. Yet the heroic newspaper, buffeted in the winds of a recession and a years-long decline in the number of people subscribing to its product, was able to feature a story today about whether or not local government websites in Oklahoma contain information helpful to citizens.

The Tulsa paper’s article covers a project that is not dissimilar in concept to the “My Government Website” project at Sunshine Review that has produced this detailed evaluation of Oklahoma county websites.

The main difference is not in the idea: “Let’s review the websites of local government agencies in Oklahoma and see how they do”, but in whether the coverage is primarily a new media or an old media project, each with its own characteristic strengths and weaknesses.

More here on evaluating local Oklahoma websites.

2 responses to “The Salisbury News and the ongoing old media/new media story

  1. This is most likely directed at a single Blogger who terrorizes not just the local politicians but anyone that he has a grudge against.

    you really should do a google search for the terms “Joe Albero” and you will see that he is not just hated by the local politicians, but is disliked by most people.

    You should also go to the site:
    this site contains court cases in maryland. Search first for the last name “Albero” first name “Joseph” (you can also search for the first name joe to get further cases).

    He has had battery charges and many other things. The biggest issues is the perjury charges that he pleaded out on. Joe is truly a piece of work.

    the salisbury mayor and her crew are terrible. but Joe goes after anyone he has a grudge with and will try to ruin that person’s life. Even if you know one of his enemies as a childhood friend, joe will go after you to.

    I think that blogs are important and need to be heard, but Joe is out of control and has brought everything that is bad about the internet into one site. He stalks people, takes pictures of them at private events, and posts invalid and untrue stores about people.

    I hope that you can see both sides of the story. Joe is a menace. There are other blogs out there that have some form of truth to them. Joe’s just doesnt happen to be one of them. Just googling the “anti albero sites” will show you that most others out there know the truth about joe. It is just a shame that joe is getting publicity about a bad mayor, when he is even worse.

  2. Thank you for the additional information.

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