Records available on Dutchess county websites

The Poughkeepsie Journal is one of several newspapers that recently conducted a survey of government websites in their readership area to assess the types of information available on those websites.

Dutchess towns’ web content has grown, but gaps remain.

In the case of the Poughkeepsie Journal, they evaluated 22 municipalities in Dutchess County.

Among other things, the Poughkeepsie Journal discovered:

Fourteen municipalities with Web sites do not post their annual budgets.

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One response to “Records available on Dutchess county websites

  1. I live in Dutchess County and I am very happy with my community and neighborhood, but my neighbors and I enjoy attending community events and I find it very important that my municipality keep it’s website current. We are more than happy to volunteer and contribute to local events, but if we can’t access the up-to-date info, we can’t help.

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