Sammie FOIA award for William Carlin Walker

The Sam Adams Alliance announced their list of annual Sammie award winners this week.

The winner of the Sunshine Award is William Carlin Walker of Liberty, Missouri. According to the citation, he won the $5,000 (!) award for:

“…his work in exposing illegal retirement benefits and rampant credit card abuse by top administrators in the Liberty School District — including thousands on alcohol and parties—along with leading a successful petition drive that resulted in a state audit of the district. William’s whistle-blowing led to the resignation of two administrators, and the Missouri General Assembly has introduced four pieces of legislation in response to his investigative labor.

Since I’m going to the Sammies recognition banquet next week with my husband, I might get to meet this paragon of sunshininess.



One response to “Sammie FOIA award for William Carlin Walker

  1. Um… I am a Sam Adams Member, and I just don’t believe that this is proper.

    This is something that all of of need to be doing all the time. Now, the act is great, but? Spread the tools so that others can do the same!

    Teach all of us to fish not just to eat the fish…

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