Michael Butler: Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week

Please meet our newest STOTW honoree, Michael Butler of Hallandale Beach, Florida.

Mike is the 46th recipient of our Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week award, adding to our healthy crop of Florida sunshine lovers.

Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week

According to Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper our STOTW is nothing but a political operative.

The mayor skates over or is unfamiliar with the part of the Florida Sunshine Law that says that why someone wants records is irrelevant. Lots of government officials in Florida have a similar misunderstanding.

As a result, Mayor Joy Cooper and four city commissioners voted last week to pay an attorney $185/hour to fight Butler’s records request.

Butler blogs at Change Hallandale. What he wants is very simple: He wants to know who received an email from Mayor Joy Cooper bragging about her record of mayoral accomplishments.

We welcome Butler to this exclusive fraternity of STOTWs and wish him the best in getting that email. Maybe he’ll get a $225,000 settlement as well.


2 responses to “Michael Butler: Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week

  1. Commissioner Keith London

    The vote was not unanimous I voted no to make it 4:1. I fully support the Sunshine Laws of the State of Florida and believe Mike Butler is right in his request.

  2. the more facts i here about how busines is conducted in this city , the more i think its time for a internal outside audit to many stories coverups misuse of taxpayor dollars.just go to a meeting yourself looks more like dusty roads fighting a small gang of rollerdeby chicks from 1970 that just came out of trailerpark with one message, you fuck with us you fuck with the whole trailer park. one problem they only have ten people in there park. walking into publix the other day i asked a two hallandale cops what they thought about the city and how it was run coruption came out at the same time think there ready for a free car ride downtown but it could be the pattie waggon

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