Virginia FOIA video

The Virginia Coalition for Open Government has produced a 7+ minute video on using Virginia’s sunshine law:


One response to “Virginia FOIA video

  1. connie lassiter

    I live in a residential area that has a homeowners association. I attend the meeting’s regularly. I often ask about the information regarding the dispursement of funds, projected expenditures for reserves, planning for infrastructure replacements and auditable budget questions. Salaries paid.

    Although I am an Association Member and pay my annual dues, one of the “directors” ALWAYS tells me they can not divuldge that information and they will take the agenda under “closed Executive Session” therefore we as participants are not privy to the disucussion, NOR are records transactions or discussion of the Executive Session in the minutes. The Board of Directors are voluteers to the association.

    He claims that he has this right under the “Sunshine Law”. I have not found it written in our association by-laws.

    Can you direct me to information that will either support his statement OR not.

    Thank you for your response.
    Connie Lassiter, Chesapeake VA
    757 494-9934

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