Yesterday, we covered politicians in trouble because of an inconvenient Crackberry habit.

Today, it’s a tweet that caused a problem.

‘Tweets’ bring possibly illegal meeting to light.

Jennifer Gregerson, a member of the Mukilteo City Council (State of Washington), tweeted after a hearing on an controversial annexation measure:

“City staff and some council now Debriefing and relaxing at ivars for late night happy hour. Time for dinner, I think!”

Another member of the city council went to the recommended bar without having seen the Tweet and there found the mayor and four city council members happily ensconced around a well-stocked table.

Four is a quorum when there are seven members on a city council so if any of the members were talking about business, they were doing it outside the acceptable parameters of the state’s open meetings law.

City attorney Angela Belbeck was also at the table. She has assured a local newspaper that although the meeting took place immediately after a city council meeting, and although Gregerson’s tweet referred to de-briefing:

“It was strictly social. It was about what we were doing this summer. There was no city business whatsoever.”

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