Kudos to Anderson County, South Carolina

County officials of Anderson County, South Carolina recently decided to add to its website every item recommended by Sunshine Review for county-level transparency, earning them an A+.

A spokeman for South Carolina’s comptroller said, “I’m just floored at what they’ve done and are doing. I don’t know how it’s escaped our notice. This Web site by far makes Anderson far and away the best in the state, the most transparent in the state.”

Information the county has added to its website in the last two months includes:

* Information about contracts with the county before and while bids are open.
* A search function for five years of county council meetings.
* A link to make it easy to fill out a South Carolina Freedom of Information Act request.
* Its checkbook register

A FOIA request was filled out within hours of the county adding that function to the website.

Here’s the overall evaluation of South Carolina county websites.

There are 45 other counties in the state.


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