District claims superintendent to board communiques are exempt

The Desert Independent disagrees.

Pursuant to the state open records law, Cal. Gov’t Code Secs. 6250 to 6277, I write to request access to and a copy of electronic copies of each and every e-mailed version of the “Friday Notes” or “Friday Letters” sent from the computers of both Dr. Wendell Alan Jensen and Dr. Yul Whitney since Jan 1, 2006 to the members of the Palo Verde Board of Trustees as a whole. Per the Brown Act workshop given by Dr. J. Hoffman last week, these communications are not to be considered “privileged” or “confidential” and are subject to acquisition through the California Public Records Request Act.

As far as I know, there is no “Sunshine Index” that measures whether federal, state and local agencies are, over time, handing over more public documents or, conversely, making just as much of a fuss when they are asked for them as one supposes they did in the bad old days. If there were, would it show progress?

One response to “District claims superintendent to board communiques are exempt

  1. I was the author of this request. The district passed over a sampling of e-mails that were innocuous. Only 34 pages rather than the estimated 1,300. However, their redacted action proved that the public had the right to these e-mails. Now how to get them to comply with the rest without having to hire an attorney.

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