Access to state court records

I’ve started an article on access to state court records on Judgepedia. There’s a loooong way to go on it. If you’re familiar with this area, I’d appreciate any help you can give.

On this subject, the Tulsa World is reporting today that the Oklahoma Supreme Court has adopted a new rule prohibiting “distribution of all or a significant subset of electronic case information”.

Oklahoma Supreme Court justice James Edmondson is justifying the new rule apparently solely on the grounds of a large request it received. Edmondson says of that request: “We determined that we did not have a specific rule to determine how to handle this request, which could have cost the (requester) an estimated $20,000 to $40,000 to have the request filled.”

So? Why does the fact that a group that apparently had a commercial motivation in wanting many records would have had to pay a lot for them mean that the Oklahoma Supreme Court needs to shut down or wall off records like this?


One response to “Access to state court records

  1. Thank you to all those involved in keeping public records public.

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