Ohio man fined for filing a sunshine lawsuit

Ohio man fined.

Brian Bardwell of “Citizens for Sunshine” has been fined by the Eighth Ohio District Court of Appeals. The court said that a lawsuit Bardwell filed when he didn’t get records he requested was filed in “bad faith”.

A 3-judge panel on the court also warned Bardwell that if he keeps filing lawsuits based on the Ohio Sunshine Law, they might bar him from doing so in the future.

Strange. Bardwell has filed 19 lawsuits against government bodies in Ohio, and he has won a number of those lawsuits. So it’s not clear to me why an Ohio court would want to inhibit Bardwell’s work, since Bardwell’s lawsuit-filing services seem to be a vital part of keeping these local governments in line with the state’s sunshine law.

Bardwell says, “It’s important to make sure the government is operating out in the open, especially in Cuyahoga County. Somebody’s got to do that work.”

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