Sunshine League

In an effort to increase wiki users and gather more information on WikiFOIA, we will be launching a new initiative, the Sunshine League. The Sunshine League is WikiFOIA’s attempt to develop and advance the collective powers of FOIA organizations from across the country through the use of new social media. This League is open to FOIA activists and organizations from all 50 states. While we at the Lucy Burns Institute have worked hard to create a solid foundation of case-law and news at WikiFOIA, the nature of a wiki provides a perfect opportunity for FOIA organizations to contribute their expertise on their states, collaborate across states with ideas for changes in records laws and request strategies and share news stories from their states about recent FOIA developments. This project is dedicated to expanding our circle of contributors and editors by appealing to the people and organizations who share our mission and who in turn would benefit from the collective knowledge of WikiFOIA.

Joining the Sunshine League is as easy as making a small contribution to WikiFOIA. The only real requirement is to develop a page on your organization that highlights your mission and any service or assistance you may off to citizens of your state. This will be added to a list of organizations from all 50 states who users and readers can contact for open records advice in their state. While many stub pages have already been created and need expanded, creating your own is just as easy. Instructions for joining up are at our project page. However, after posting your own page, you may want to consider staying on and helping WikiFOIA by contributing your expertise on state law or building pages on major news stories you are following. Hopefully, through collective efforts we can improve transparency not only in our individual states but across the country.


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