Texas Salary Database Developed from FOIA requests

We at WikiFOIA are always glad to encourage fellow transparency advocates in their ventures into making government more transparent. Today I thought I would take the opportunity to point out a few websites that I was directed to by one of our readers. Houstoncitysalaries.com, Austinsalaries.com, and Dallas Fort Worth salaries.com are all websites compiled by a series of public records requests which track the salaries of city employees within those municipalities. While the site developer has focused on Texas cities so far, he is planning to expand to include cities like Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver. The sites are well set up, and contain a convenient search box that breaks the information down by City, Department, Position and even name. The information is free to access and easy to use. These sites provide both an excellent resource for anyone doing investigation into government salaries but also an excellent example of what a few records requests can achieve. Maybe some day all government offices might even set up their own site like this, but that is somewhat lofty thinking. In the meantime, check out the Texas salary databases and look for more news as states open up.


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