Mother always said to not roll your eyes

Apparently Elmhurst IL city officials share the same disdain for eye rolling as mothers and teachers across the nation. Darlene Helsop was ejected from a June 14 meeting for sighing and rolling her eyes, which the city officials argued constituted a “disturbance and disorderly conduct”. Helsop, who opposed the councils attempt to hire a lobbyist for state government, was accused of sighing and rolling her eyes during the open meeting discussion of the matter. The council then proceeded to eject her from the meeting, apparently considering a more expansive definition of disturbance that includes backtalk. The city is currently investigating their decision, having their lawyer go over state law and other municipalities to develop an exact definition for future use. We at WikiFOIA are fairly confident that the IL law does not include eye rolling in its definition of disorderly conduct and any decision to include it in future definitions should be protested by council meeting sit ins with a great deal of eye rolling and sighing to boot.

~Joshua Meyer
Editor of WikiFOIA

To read the original article, please see:
Chicago Tribune, “Suburb;Don’t roll your eyes at me”, 7/20/2010

2 responses to “Mother always said to not roll your eyes

  1. Jeez!
    (roll eyes upward)

    That’s crazy!

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