FOIAchat Friday

Sunshine Review and WIkiFOIA are launching a new FOIA friday chat on twitter to encourage conversation about FOIA records.  The chats started about a month ago and we have already had a strong turnout.  We have discussed topics ranging from worst FOIA experiences, to time limits, changes in law, and even the use of state records commissions to reduce the case load at court.  This week we are announcing a page to follow the results of FOIA friday discussions including a calendar of future topics.  The review of past topics and the calendar for future topics, see FOIAchat We have outlined the topics through June, but more topics are to follow.  Feel free to comment on any recommendations for topics or send me an email.  The topic for this week will be “Can I FOIA that?” discussing general exemptions and FOIAable material and answering questions from anyone who tweets in.  We hope to see you all on.  The Hashtag for the chat will be #FOIAchat so please come join us.


3 responses to “FOIAchat Friday

  1. Great information . I think it sounds like they will resort to

    reconciliation, so we need all the information we can get…..

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